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At Midlands Hip & Knee we provide comprehensive specialist advise, investigation, diagnosis and treatment for all musculoskeletal conditions including sports injuries, fractures, osteoarthritis and rheumatoid arthritis. We endeavour to offer personalised, patient-specific care with an emphasis on providing the best patient experience and outcomes.
Knee Replacement Surgery
Hip Replacement Surgery
Knee Arthroscopy
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Revision Knee
Revision Hip

Knee Replacement

 I perform over 130 primary joint replacements a year. I use 10 A * rated implants, which means patients get the best possible implants which have scientifically proven longevity and excellent clinical outcomes. I can provide patients with a minimally invasive technique and I am offering select patient day case hip and knee replacement surgery.

 I often treat patients with challenging clinical conditions such as childhood disorders leading to joint dysfunction and post traumatic joint destruction. The youngest patients I have treated are teenagers and my oldest patients are over a hundred years old!
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Hip Replacement

A hip replacement involves replacing the worn out femoral head and socket of the hip. It involves inserting a prosthesis with a metal or ceramic head attached to it, articulating with a plastic polyethylene or ceramic cup as the socket.
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Knee Arthroscopy

I treat a wide variety of conditions of the knee with keyhole surgery including meniscal tears requiring repair and disorders of the patella-femoral joint.
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Robotic Surgery

I am providing a knee replacement surgery that is assisted by a robot with the aim of further improving patient outcomes and consistency of the surgery with a minimally invasive approach.
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Revision Hip & Knee

I perform over 20 revision joint replacements a year. I am Joint replacement infection lead for my NHS trust and the Staffordshire’s representative for the National Hip Revision network. I am the pelvic and acetabular reconstruction lead for my NHS trust. My skills in this area allow me to perform complex hip surgery that can require customised hip replacements. 
Using specialists Lima ProMade products to improve surgeon and patient experience, offering innovative, tailored solutions.
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